Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome to the Coyote Commission Project Blog!

Hello fans! 
Blue Coyote's Commission Playwrights

Earlier this year, Blue Coyote Theater Group invited a group of our favorite playwrights to be a part of our first-ever playwrighting commission.  In order to invite you, our audience and our community, to learn more about to the process, this week we're launching the Coyote Commission Project Blog. 

We will post semi-weekly updates from our commission playwrights in order to share more about their progress with the project, the adventure of playwriting, and anything else they all think is interesting to write or read about.   We hope you learn more lots about our playwrights, their work, and their commissions as they develop. 

We want your attention and your feedback!  Please have your say by leaving comments and asking questions!

With affection,
Kyle Ancowitz
Producing Director

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